The primary focus of the Rockwall County A&M Club is to provide scholarships to deserving Rockwall County Aggies.  The Rockwall Club has two scholarship programs: Graduating Seniors and Returning Students.

 Graduating Senior

Each May the Rockwall County A&M Club awards a scholarship(s) to an outstanding high school senior who resides in Rockwall County who will be attending Texas A&M University in the fall.  Applications for this scholarship are available from the Counselors’ office in each high school.

2017 Graduating Senior Scholarship Recipients:

  • Juana Araeli Villarreal '21, Rockwall Heath High School
  • Arturo Wong '21, Rockwall Heath High School
  • Reese York '21, Rockwall Heath High School
  • Jacob Neaville '21, Rockwall Heath High School
  • Abby Wilson '21, Rockwall County Home School Student
  • Daniel Gibbs '21, Rockwall High School
  • Cambell Kutac '21, Rockwall High School
  • Lauren White '21, Rockwall High School
  • Emily Ullom '21, Rockwall High School
  • Sydney Weidenbach '21, Rockwall High School
  • Victoria Reynolds '21, Rockwall High School
  • Jim '60 & Beth Coker Corps Endowed Scholarship...David Campbell & Charles Johnson

 Returning Students

During the break between fall and spring semesters, the Rockwall County A&M Club awards 4 Endowed A&M Scholarships to outstanding Texas A&M Students from Rockwall County.  The application for these scholarships is available HERE or by contacting Margaret Davidson '78.

Following is a list of our Endowed Scholarships and our 2018 recipients:

  • Duke '60 & Sue Burnett Endowed Scholarship....Breagan Adams
  • Clarence '65 & Leigh Plagens Endowed Scholarship...Riley Callahan
  • Tom & Margaret Davidson '78 Endowed Scholarship...Regan Gilstrap
  • Karen McKee Woodliff '98 Endowed Scholarship...Austin Lu & Caitlyn Tunnell
  • Phil '59 & Marion Miller Endowed Scholarship...Riley Weidenbach
  • Jim '60 & Beth Coker Corps Endowed Scholarship...Kyle Clark
  •            Congratulations to all of these students for a job well done and good luck in the future!!!